to offer a budget-focused process that will assure the best renovation result for you and your family. We offer all the services and products you need to complete your project, available as a package or individually. With 28 years in the Kitchen and Bath Industry, we are always able to relieve stress and help maintain focus as you journey through the designers, manufacturers and retailers available to you locally or online.


Peter was born in Scarborough, and his family moved outside of London Ontario in 1972 where Peter Sr. served as Executive Director for London Goodwill Industries.

Calvin College, in Grand Rapids Michigan, is where Peter earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, graduating in 1986.  Peter started in the cabinet distribution business in 1990 as a sales representative covering southwest Michigan. DeGelder explains: “Meeting business owners, promoting products to generate profits and building relationships gave me a solid understanding of the kitchen cabinet industry.”

Peter was promoted to sales manager which eventually grew to 4 retail locations, 34 salespeople and sales exceeding 15 million.  After 7 successful years, Peter partnered with local home builders to form Builders Buying Group.  For 3 years, Peter negotiated purchasing contracts, lowered hard costs and took group purchasing to new levels through consistently positive win/win agreements.  “Positive selling and creating win/win agreements to owners AND vendors became the recipe for success that I’ve incorporated into all of my career opportunities”

Since returning to Ontario, his current endeavor is to consolidate his professional experience and skills into the consulting firm The COGS Approach Group.  Peter joined The Business Club of London several years ago, and the members have helped him start, develop and grow his company.

Recently COGS has joined the London Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and London Home Builders Association.  “I enjoy partnering with consumers and business owners to work on business and renovation projects.  With my experience, and the contributions of the entire Group, we will lower you Cost of Goods Sold”. 

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