About Us



COGS offers Services to associations, businesses and consumers throughout Ontario. 

We specialize in Purchasing, Sales and Operational Management, as well as Kitchen Design.

COGS has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing, distribution and retail channels of the wood manufacturing industry.

Whether you need a Operations Manager, Sales Manager, CFO, negotiator or just an expert opinion:

COGS has the Experience and Expertise for Success

Peter DeGelder

Founder and President

Peter created The COGS Approach Group to serve business owners and organizations.  

COGS is a proud member of the

London Ontario Chamber of Commerce

London Home Builders Association

Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario

Business Club of London

Peter serves on the boards of The Business Club of London (President 2022), The Board of The Azure Condominium Corporation (President 2022) as well as London Affordable Housing Association (Board Member)